Welcome to Vanparijs Engineers!

Decarbonization, decentralization and digitization are transforming the energy sector. These three global trends are changing the way we produce, distribute, consume and secure power. As a result, the conventional energy landscape is disappearing... The accelerating shift towards renewables requires a completely new approach. Vanparijs Engineers develops high quality, reliable and sustainable energy solutions.
We help our customers in their energy transition by securing and improving their energy needs in 2 areas: decentralized energy production and uninterruptible power supply. We develop, design, build, maintain and invest in dynamic UPS systems and installations for combined heat and power production (cogeneration), always working in partnership with our customers and delivering performance guarantees on the installations we build.
Our vision & approach is unique: integrated solutions developed with a passion for power & energy, with reliable business partners and a strong & dynamic team of engineers.  Thanks to 25 years of expertise in our business and an innovative approach we contribute to the energy of the futur in a sustainable partnership with our customers.