Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 10:55

It is in all newspapers, to achieve the climate targets, our country needs to take more urgent action in different areas. Vanparijs Engineers is already doing a good job contributing to this.

A good example of how energy can be saved in residential buildings with CHP is the project at Marius Renard in Anderlecht. Steven De Vroede and Sébastien Farinotti of Vanparijs Engineers, and Ismaël Daoud, manager of EasyCogen, explained to Kanaal Z how important energy savings were realized here.


The residential tower Marius Renard in Anderlecht (430 apartments and a commercial center) is owned by an association of co-owners who also make the necessary investments.

In terms of energy saving measures, the association has been making the necessary efforts for years. For example, the boiler room was switched several years ago from industrial boilers on fuel to gas fired boilers.
Recently, the roof was also renovated and the boiler room was expanded with a cogeneration of 199 kWe (321 kWth). An innovative solution with two additional heat pumps ensures that all energy flows are optimally utilized and the CHP approaches a total efficiency of more than 100%. The generated heat is used to heat the entire building, while the electricity supplies the common parts (lighting, parking, elevators, etc.).


The project was funded by the easyCOGEN investment company. In this way, the owners can benefit from the savings on their energy bills and easyCOGEN receives the green energy certificates and can sell the surplus electricity.


The project provides an annual energy saving of 39,000 € for the owners. And with the income from the green energy certificates, the renovation of the roof can be fully reimbursed. A nice example of win-win for all parties!


"CHP in collective housing plays an important role in achieving the sustainability objectives", says Adeline Moernhout of Brugel. That is why the Brussels Region has made the support mechanism for natural gas CHPs in apartment buildings more economical. The number of green power certificates is increased by a multiplication coefficient (more info).

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