Thursday, May 23, 2019 - 13:37

Most hospitals, high-tech companies or critical production facilities are assured of a continuous and clean power supply thanks to their UPS installation. But what if this UPS is temporarily out of order, due to maintenance or because it is being renewed? Read here what you can do to adequately protect your most critical services as long as your UPS is not available.


Renewal of the electrical installation, renovation or major maintenance works on the existing UPS, an unstable power grid, testing or delay in the delivery of a new UPS, etc. In such situations, as a company you are again dependent on the public grid if you have no temporary backup. And then you take a risk, because it might just happen that the power goes out.


People often do not pay enough attention to the risks involved, but they exist. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to play it safe: rent a temporary mobile UPS installation.


Vanparijs Engineers has specialized in fixed and mobile dynamic UPS systems for more than 20 years. "We know how important it is in certain sectors, such as healthcare and beyond, to have a qualitative power protection at all times, even when their fixed UPS installation is not available," says director Patrick Steegmans. “That is why we have built various mobile units that can be deployed quickly, for a few weeks or even several months. In this way we have been helping our own UPS customers for many years to protect their power supply during maintenance works. But there are more companies that occasionally need qualitative and uninterrupted power."


Even though a dynamic UPS is a complex system, such a mobile UPS is a rather simple solution. The system including all peripheral equipment (control panel, exhaust, cooling, fuel) is compactly assembled in a sound-insulating container on a trailer that can be transported quickly and safely and can be operational within a few days.


“Moreover, our systems, which are available in ratings from 250 to 1600 kVA, are very efficient: once connected, they actively filter the impurities from the grid, but the diesel engine only starts when the mains power is interrupted. As a result, they consume very little and the impact on the environment and on your energy bill remains low", explains Patrick Steegmans.


Some nice examples:


Renovation of a fixed UPS installation

In 2017 the Sint-Trudo hospital in Sint-Truiden renewed the complete power protection, including renovation of the existing UPS installation. To bridge this period, the largest mobile UPS in Europe, which supplies 1600kVA of uninterrupted power with one unit, was used for two months and without impact on the operation of the hospital.


Maintenance or overhaul

Just like a car, a UPS system must also regularly undergo major maintenance or a thorough overhaul. Such an overhaul takes place on average every 8 years and then takes a few weeks each time. At a large data centre in Zaventem, the four 1700 kVA UPS systems were overhauled in different phases. A mobile UPS unit from Vanparijs Engineers always provided the necessary back-up so that the data centre remained protected against power outages at all times.



A pharmaceutical production site near Paris did not want to take any risks with the installation of a new production unit since the power grid in the region was not very stable. A wise choice in the end to use a mobile UPS, because over a period of 18 months the MUPS prevented no less than five power outages.


Problem situations

Also a bank that faced a considerable delay in the delivery of its new UPS, a hospital that encountered difficulties during electrical tests or a utility company that needed extra redundancy for its pump installation due to major infrastructure works, were helped out for several months with a mobile UPS from Vanparijs Engineers.


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