Industrial sector

The industrial sector is traditionally the largest energy consumer. Hence it offers the most opportunities for large and small energy savings thanks to different supporting measures. Vanparijs Engineers is an expert in the energy legislation and regulations in the various regions and can act as a recognised energy expert for assessing the feasibility of a CHP applications.

Vanparijs Engineers also offers solutions for the very specific needs of different branches of industry in the areas of energy production, protection of critical processes, etc. 

Some typical examples:

  • Electricity generation and heat recovery from the biogas released by an anaerobic waste water treatment plant or from the fermentation of waste in the food industry
  • Protection against large production losses due to brownouts or voltage dips in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Recovery of flue gases in the process industry
  • Generation of steam for injection into the existing steam network at a chemical production site
  • Production of hot water and thermal oil in the steel industry

A selection of our references

  • in the food industry: AB Inbev, Aviko Eurofreez, Dujardin Foods, Heineken Group, Mondelez, Rousselot, Spa Monopole, Ter Beke, ViskoTeepak,...
  • in the chemical industry: Chevron Phillips Chemicals, Ineos, Kaneka Belgium, Lanxess, ...
  • in the pharmaceutical industry: Alcon Couvreur, Janssen Pharmaceutica, GlaxoSmithKline, Sterigenics, Sanofi, UCB,...
  • in other industries: Coil,  Groupe Richemont, Groupe Safran/Techspace Aero, Saint-Gobain Gyproc, Promat International,...



Healthcare sector

Energy & power quality are essential links for the effective operation of each healthcare institution, whether this is a large university hospital or a local residential care centre:

  • Permanent energy security
  • Constant supply of heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Achieving considerable energy savings through optimum energy production and distribution
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Optimisation of boiler houses and domestic hot water supply

Vanparijs Engineers offers solutions that meet the highly specific needs of the healthcare sector in the areas of energy consumption, protection of critical processes against power interruptions, etc.

Vanparijs Engineers also has thorough knowledge of the prevailing legislation in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia, both in the area of public procurement and in the context of the energy legislation in the various regions and is recognised as a certified contractor.

This way, Vanparijs Engineers can deliver technical advice for the development of a concept, and become a real partner for the construction of the installation.

A selection of our references

  • University hospitals: CHU St. Pierre, CU de Mont-Godinne, UZ Antwerpen, UZ Brussel, ...
  • General and Regional hospitals: CHR de la Citadelle, Cliniques du Sud Luxembourg, Gasthuiszusters Antwerpen, Imeldaziekenhuis, Jessaziekenhuizen, Kliniek Sint-Jan, Sint-Trudo ziekenhuis, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg,... 
  • Psychiatric hospitals: Clinique des Frères Alexiens, OPZ Geel, ... 
  • Residential care centres: WZC Salvator, ... 



Public sector

The energy needs of the public sector are not very different from those of the industrial sector or other private companies, but the law on public procurement and the strict procurement and tender procedures applicable to this sector make it necessary to follow a specific type of approach and monitoring process.

Vanparijs Engineers has thorough knowledge of the prevailing legislation in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia, both in the area of public procurement and in the context of the energy legislation in the various regions.

As a certified contractor for the public sector, Vanparijs Engineers provides technical advice and bespoke solutions for public services, banks, airports, hospitals and other public institutions.

A selection of our references

  • Airports: Brussels Airport Company, International Airport Ostend,...
  • Public Services: Brussels Region Informatics Centre, City of Brussels, Chambre of Representatives, Flemisch Parliament, FPS Foreign Affairs, FPS Finance, Service Public de Wallonie,   ...
  • Others: KU Leuven, National Bank of Belgium, Port of Antwerp, Société Wallonne des Eaux, VRT, ...

ICT and Data Centres 

Data centres have a high energy demand that often lead to skyrocketing energy bills. The benefits of virtualising and consolidating servers are frequently nullified by the ever-growing need for extra storage and consequently, the higher demands for cooling, security, etc.

As Endorser of the European Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy Efficiency, Vanparijs Engineers offers specific customised solutions for ensuring power supply security at the site and for optimising the power and cooling infrastructure of the data centre. This results in energy-efficient data centres with an optimal PUE. 

Vanparijs Engineers provides technical advice and bespoke solutions for critical (data centre) applications in the ICT & banking sector:

  • Customised electric design (power distribution, uninterruptible power, TIER configuration, etc.)
  • Data centre security integrated the within the client’s building management system (access control, intrusion prevention system, alarm systems, fire and leak detection, etc.)
  • Integrated cooling systems for low power consumption (free cooling, cold corridors, green energy, etc.)

A selection of our references

  • ICT: Belgacom, Cipal, CIRB, COLT Technology Services, Fedict, FedEx, KPN Group Belgium, ...
  • Banking: AXA Belgium, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING,