Customized engineering

We design your installation across the different phases of a project, made-to-measure and tailored to your needs.

  • Preliminary design
  • Detailed design
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Budget estimate & control
  • Economic analysis & life cycle cost
  • Selection of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Site management
  • Project management
  • Deliverables


​Our engineering services may also be part of a turnkey concept, where Vanparijs Engineers acts as general contractor (see also Turnkey Contracting). In this case, Vanparijs Engineers will carry out all the works from A to Z, either in-house or in collaboration with selected subcontractors. These works range from project engineering tasks, supply of components and complete installation of systems to the final commissioning of the entire project.  Naturally, all this is done in accordance with the agreements made with you.



Delegated project management (EPCm)

Vanparijs Engineers is more than happy to go further than the usual study and project guidance. Delegated project management includes extensive assistance in the execution of a project. Vanparijs Engineers acts as the right hand of the client, based on the EPCm principle (engineering, procurement and construction management within the context of a fully transparent cooperation).

Our delegated project manager is responsible for organising, scheduling and completing a project, while working in full compliance with the objectives and requirements of the client and based on his or her in-depth technical expertise.

We take care of the coordination between the different parties involved in a project (client, engineering office, safety and/or environmental coordinator, utilities companies, audit bodies, technical experts, etc.), draw up an optimal execution schedule and carefully monitor compliance in terms of proposed deadlines, budgets and performance.


Our approach is based on a few simple principles:

  • The delegated project manager forms the pivotal point within the project team and is the client’s single point of contact
  • Involvement and participation of the client in each phase of the project
  • Clear agreements with the client both at the beginning of the project as well as across the various project phases
  • A meticulous monitoring of the works


And the benefits for you as a client?

This method of working can be of great assistance to the client. It generates considerable time savings for clients that want to have a say in the project at all times and stay informed of the progress of their project, without being directly involved in the technical, administrative and financial side effects of the project.

Our service is based on a relationship of trust with the client, who relies on the know-how of the delegated project manager to make the right and timely decisions on its behalf and to bring the project to a successful conclusion within the proposed deadline and budget.