Independent integrator

Vanparijs Engineers is 100% independent from manufacturers or suppliers, which means that we always have an impartial view of the market and can select the best available technical solution for the problems of each client. We work together with leading manufacturers because we attach great importance to quality, both of the services and the products.

Customized projects

In collaboration with the manufacturer, we deliver total projects tailored to the client’s unique requirements. We study your requirements in the area of energy generation or uninterruptible power supply and how to integrate these within your existing infrastructure. At the same time, we ensure the full completion and implementation of all components of your UPS or CHP system:

  • engineering
  • supply of components
  • complete installation & integration of systems
  • commissioning of the entire project
  • acceptances
  • guarantees on budget, planning and performance
  • after care

Naturally, all this is done in accordance with the agreements made with you.