Our mobile UPS systems are built into standard ISO containers mounted on a trailer. These can be hired for varying lengths of time, ranging from a few days to several months. The operating principles are the same as those for a fixed dynamic UPS.

More info can also be found on our site www.upsrental.eu


Why rent a mobile UPS?


Available power configurations

Some references


Why rent a mobile UPS?

Many companies with a fixed (whether or not dynamic) UPS system sometimes experience periods during which the fixed backup power is either insufficient or temporarily unavailable.

For example:

  • Large-scale maintenance works or expansion of the power configuration of the existing fixed UPS system
  • Replacement of an existing UPS system
  • Temporary requirement for additional UPS power
  • Emergency situations (disaster recovery)
  • Large events
  • Etc.


For all these – scheduled or unforeseen – situations, Vanparijs Engineers has a number of mobile UPS containers on stand-by that can be quickly delivered to the site and fully integrated within your current infrastructure.

Our containers temporarily take over the function of your existing system without losing out on operational reliability. This ensures that both your critical users and your fixed (dynamic) UPS remain fully protected against power failures.

If required, Vanparijs Engineers will examine the full integration of the mobile system within your existing infrastructure and develop the right connection procedures to make the switch seamlessly.

Are you currently using a diesel generator? No problem, our systems can also be installed as a ride-through system. Your existing emergency power infrastructure can be connected to your own generator and converted into a full-fledged uninterruptible power supply system temporarily and for as long as necessary.

Various rental options are possible. Contact us for more info.


Advantages of a mobile UPS

  • Easy to transport (no exceptional transport required)
  • Can be put into operation quickly
  • System and all peripheral devices are built into standard ISO containers
  • Compliant with European noise standards
  • Parallel connection possible



Available power configurations

Our mobile UPS solutions with built-in diesel generator and fuel tank are available in power configurations ranging from 250 kVA up to 1600 kVA. They are mounted in a standard sound-proof ISO container placed on a trailer for easy transport and include all the necessary peripherals.

More information on our site www.upsrental.eu



Selected references

Data centres, airports, banks, hospitals and industrial production sites, etc.: many international companies use our UPS rental service to provide temporary protection for their critical applications or production facilities against power failures: 

  • Brussels Airport Company
  • Safran Group
  • KPN Group Belgium
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Groupe Richemont
  • Colt Technology Services
  • Sanofi Chimie
  • and other multinationals in Belgium, France, Switzerland